Sphera - Latin for ball, is a golf ball company that produces high quality USGA certified golf balls at nearly half the price of the big name brands. The goal at Sphera Golf is to make the game of golf more affordable without compromising any of the quality that many golfers are accustomed to. Sphera Golf Balls have been tested and proven to perform at a very similar level to some of the biggest names in golf. We offer free shipping anywhere in the U.S.

"Found my new favorite ball with the Pro Fours, the quality and price are unparalleled."

- Kyle Boyden

"They have a customer for life. I think the balls are as good as any on the market right now, at half the price."

- Mike Travers

"The balls had an amazing feel around the green. It is hard to find a better golf ball at these prices!"

- Chris Chinen